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Alliteration Ink Privacy Policy
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<h1>review <span>policy</span></h1>
<p>I never considered that people would game the system.</p>
<p>It's not innocence, really. It's just an alien concept to me.</p>
<p>The point of a review is to steer people toward books they’d enjoy, and away from those they would not. (I wrote years ago about <a href="" target="blank">the necessity of having honest reviews</a>, and my opinion hasn't changed. As both a publisher and author, I am <strong>not</strong> interested in tricking anyone into buying a book. I am interested in selling them a book they'll <strong>enjoy</strong>.</p>
<p>It is <em>critical</em> that you, the reader, can trust my reviews and reviews of my books.</p>
<p>As Alliteration Ink:</p>
<li>I will, at my discretion, provide review copies to reviewers. Reviewers in this sense may be private individuals, companies, professional bloggers, or regular folks. Reviewers should disclose that they received a review copy.</li>
<li>I will encourage all readers to honestly review the books I publish. This means that if you like it, say what you liked. If you don’t like a book, say what you didn’t like. Tastes vary; I remember a local movie reviewer whose tastes were almost exactly opposite my own.</li>
<li>I will never, ever pay (or otherwise provide extra compensation aside from the review copy itself) for a good or positive review. Likewise, a negative review will not disqualify someone from getting a review copy in the future.</li>
<li>I may ask individuals if they would review a book for consideration for a recommendation for an award. I will not trade recommendations or directly solicit recommendations for awards. Being provided a copy for consideration is not presumed to be equal to a recommendation for an award, whether I provide the copy to another or someone provides a copy of their book to me.</li>
<li>Authors, editors, and other persons working with Alliteration Ink should likewise never pay for a positive review.</li>
<li>Authors should never review their own books and stories. Authors who are in anthologies and review the other stories in that anthology must, at a bare minimum, disclose that they have a story in the anthology. I <i>discourage</i> reviewing anthologies you're in other than on your own blog or social media page.</li>
<li>Those who have a connection to the author(s) in the book(s) they’re reviewing should disclose that fact at the beginning of the review.</li>
<p>A copy of this policy (in HTML) is available at <a href="" target="_blank"></a> to provide transparency for revisions over time.</p>
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