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Created Nov 28, 2012
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Build sgabios .deb for use with qemu
# Download and build Google's sgabios, then create a .deb 'qemu-sgabios'
# which drops the ROM into qemu's ROM directory for use with '-device sga'.
# author: Jim Ursetto (
# license: public domain
# requires: fpm (
set -e
svn checkout $DIR
cd $DIR
umask 022
cd ..
fpm -s dir -t deb -n qemu-sgabios -v 0+svn$(svnversion $DIR) -a all \
--license Apache2.0 --deb-user=root --deb-group=root \
--url \
--prefix /usr/share/qemu \
-C $DIR sgabios.bin
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