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Last active Feb 21, 2019
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command line arguments
Command line arguments for miner.
General format is: arg1=value1 arg2=value2 etc.
Linux: ./GrinProMiner configpath=/absolute/path/to/directory api-port=3333
Windows: GrinProMiner.exe configpath=C:\absolute\path\to\directory api-port=3333
"configpath" Defines directory where to save or load config.xml file from.
Linux: ./GrinProMiner configpath=/absolute/path/to/directory
Windows: GrinProMiner.exe configpath=C:\absolute\path\to\directory
More info about config.xml:
"api-port" number of port on which API should listen
default value: 5777
Use following arguments if you want to pass config options as command line arguments and ignore config.xml
This is not recommended, if you can, use config.xml it is preferred option.
You can also upload config.xml via API:
More info about config.xml file:
You MUST use ignore-config=true argument if you want to use following arguments.
All stratum arguments and either amd or nvidia or both are required in this case.
You will lose some options like backup pool connection, CPU offload value, etc.
"ignore-config" "true" if you want to skip loading config.xml, you MUST provide all stratum and GPU details as command line arguments
"stratum-address" IP or dns address
"stratum-port" stratum port number
"stratum-tls" use encrypted connection, "true" or "false", pool must support on this port
"stratum-login" stratum login
"stratum-password" (optional) stratum password
"stratum-to-primary" After how many minutes mining on backup, should miner try to reconnnect to primary connection again.
0 = off
"amd" List of AMD cards for mining.
amd=0:0,0:1,0:2 (will start mining on 3 AMD cards on OPENCL platform 0, cards have DEVICE IDs 0,1,2.
"nvidia" List of NVIDIA cards for mining.
Must be list of GPU DEVICE IDs separated by commas
nvidia=0,1,2,3 (will start mining on 4 NVIDIA cards with Device IDs 0,1,2,3
nvidia=1 (will start mining on single NVIDIA card with Device ID 1)
"log-level-console" (optional, default is 1) number 0/1/2/3, 0=DEBUG, 1=INFO, 2=WARNING, 3=ERROR
"log-level-file" (optional, default is 2) number 0/1/2/3, 0=DEBUG, 1=INFO, 2=WARNING, 3=ERROR
"log-disable" (optional) "true" will disable logging to file/disk. Otherwise log is written to logs/ directory
"dashboard" IP address of Remote Dashboard (optional, activates push mode)
"rig-name" Name of this rig in Remote Dashboard (optional)
"dashboard-interval" Optional, default 60. How ofter to connect to Remote Dashboard, value in seconds.
Example of config from arguments that will start mining on two GPUs - one Nvidia and one AMD, connected to grinmint pool:
Windows GrinProMiner.exe ignore-config=true stratum-port=4416 stratum-tls=true nvidia=0 amd=0:0
Linux: ./GrinProMiner ignore-config=true stratum-port=4416 stratum-tls=true nvidia=0 amd=0:0
Example that doesn't use config.xml and instead sets everythin from command-line arguments, including backup stratum connection, uses 4 GPUs:
./GrinProMiner ignore-config=true stratum-address= stratum-port=3416 stratum-tls=false stratum-login=urza stratum-backup-port=4416 stratum-backup-tls=true stratum-to-primary=10 dashboard= rig-name=urza dashboard-interval=60 log-level-console=1 log-level-file=0 nvidia=0,1 amd=0:0,0:1
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rdugan commented Feb 20, 2019

Next release, can you consider changing configpath from just a directory, to an actual config file. Already have 3-4 config files, I need to swap back and forth depending on what/where I'm mining.

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urza commented Feb 21, 2019

@rdugan will consider.. in the meantime as a workaround you can create subfolder for each config like


Then swapping should be easier

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