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usafphoenix / data-final-fixes.lua
Created May 18, 2018
omnimatter ore deblocker bobs ore fix
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log("omod: "..serpent.block(mods.omod.resource))
for each_ore,_ in pairs(mods.omod.resource) do
data.raw.resource[each_ore] = table.deepcopy(mods.omod.resource[each_ore])
data.raw["autoplace-control"][each_ore] = table.deepcopy(mods.omod.autoplace[each_ore])
for prename,pre in pairs(data.raw["map-gen-presets"]) do
if pre.basic_settings then
if pre.basic_settings.autoplace_controls then
for _,each_ore in pairs(mods.omod.resource) do
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