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import bpy
from re import compile
# Target(s) REGEX
regex = compile( '^Edit(KamiARoot|MaeKamiA(_00[1,2])?)$' )
# Replace Mode := Remove a target(s) -> new a merged
replace = True
# Merged name; "+".join if None
to = 'EditKamiARoot'
# Dry run
dry = True
ob = bpy.context.active_object
group_lookup = {g.index: for g in ob.vertex_groups}
group_candidates = {n for n in group_lookup.values() if regex.match(n)}
# test whether all candidates components of group_lookup
if all(n in group_lookup.values() for n in group_candidates):
# general tests
if (len(group_candidates) and ob.type == 'MESH' and
bpy.context.mode == 'OBJECT'):
# iterate through the vertices and sum the weights per group
vertex_weights = {}
for vert in
if len(vert.groups):
for item in vert.groups:
vg = ob.vertex_groups[]
if in group_candidates:
if vert.index in vertex_weights:
vertex_weights[vert.index] += vg.weight(vert.index)
vertex_weights[vert.index] = vg.weight(vert.index)
# clamp/slice values above 1.0
for key in vertex_weights.keys():
if (vertex_weights[key] > 1.0): vertex_weights[key] = 1.0
# remove sources
if replace:
for g in group_candidates:
if dry:
print('be remove(dry-run): ', g)
print('removed:', g)
# create new vertex group
new_name = to if to != None else "+".join(group_candidates)
if dry:
print('be merge(dry-run):', new_name)
vgroup =
print('merged: ',
# add the values to the group
for key, value in vertex_weights.items():
vgroup.add([key], value ,'REPLACE') #'ADD','SUBTRACT'
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