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Last active February 19, 2023 18:02
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ESP8266 display tasmota config

Required firmware


Bulgarian time zone

Backlog TimeDst 0,0,3,1,3,180; TimeStd 0,0,10,1,4,120; Timezone 99


Configuration -> Configure Other -> Template

{"NAME":"Wireless display","GPIO":[640,0,608,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0],"FLAG":0,"BASE":18}


Configuration -> Configure module -> select Wireless display (0)


Display should now be detected, and display date/time. (DisplayMode 1 is the default)

Initial settings

DisplayRotate 2 to rotate it upside-down.

Displaying text

Set mode

DisplayMode 0

Single line, no formatting

DisplayText Hello world

Multi line

3 rows/7 chars (DisplayFont 2, 24px height, last line is cut a bit)

DisplayText [zl1c1]1234567[l2]1234567[l3]1234567

5 rows/18 chars (DisplayFont 1 is the default, 12px height)

DisplayText [zl1c1]123456789012345678[l2]123456789012345678[l3]123456789012345678[l4]123456789012345678[l5]123456789012345678

8 rows/21 chars (DisplayFont 0, 8px height)

DisplayText [zl1c1]123456789012345678901[l2]123456789012345678901[l3]123456789012345678901[l4]123456789012345678901[l5]123456789012345678901[l6]123456789012345678901[l7]123456789012345678901[l8]123456789012345678901

8 rows/25 chars (DisplayFont 3, 8px height)

DisplayText [zl1c1]1234567890123456789012345[l2]1234567890123456789012345[l3]1234567890123456789012345[l4]1234567890123456789012345[l5]1234567890123456789012345[l6]1234567890123456789012345[l7]1234567890123456789012345[l8]1234567890123456789012345

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