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ushiocheng / mgn9h-rail-stopper-on-2020.openscad
Last active December 26, 2023 06:43
Rail stopper for MGN9H on 2020 Extrusion
// Rail stopper for MGN9H on 2020 Extrusion
// by
// WARNING: this is not tested
// variant 0: counterbored hole
// variant 1: rail guide
zfc=0.001; // correcting z-fighting in render view, not actually printable/functional
ushiocheng / bigram-analysis.txt
Created May 2, 2023 04:35
letter frequency analysis
// Based on
in 4502
er 3526
ng 2849
ed 2833
es 2764
re 2594
ti 2508
te 2437
# ------------- Script INFOs -------------
# Script Name:
# Create Date: 2021-02-25
# Version #: 1.2
# Author: github@ushio-cheng
# Description: - Accept 2 parameter <path to a list of video links> [path to output video]
# - Downloads all videos in the list by spawning screen session
# - Will retry if youtube-dl failed

A guide to Obsidian MD

This guide have ~1450 words and should take 7-10 minutes to read.
This guide should be read in Obsidian under preview mode.

HTML Elements

Markdown is a superset of HTML, so any HTML file is valid Markdown. *This is not always true since some feature are disable in Obsidian for security reasons.

ushiocheng /
Last active April 24, 2022 02:52
Quick way to hide a directory without change the repository

I sometimes want to put some test data in a repo, but I don't want to change .gitignore for others. So, here is a way to ignore a folder without doing that.

  1. put a .gitignore file in the folder
  2. put ** in the .gitignore file (yes this works)
ushiocheng /
Created February 2, 2021 18:42
splitting large file for transfer

Split large files into smaller files

Uses Shell command split


# split file according to line count
split -l <line count> <file>

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