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Week 2 notes from 'Learning How to Learn' by Dr. Barbara Oakley

##Chunking Chunking is to make mental chunks of information which are easier to understand, in comparison to individual bits of information. A chunk can consist of several bits of information. Conceptual chunks are very help full in learning new concepts, because one can often find similar patterns in same field or other field. This allows one to creatively join these chunks into more complex chunks.

Looking at an existing solution can make us feel that we understand the concept, but in fact untill we can come up with the solution on our own, we can't achieve true mastery.

To gain mastery over any chunk, there are 2 important thing, like how to do that chunk and when to use it. bottom up learning approach can help us understand the chunk using repeated practice, but only by top down approach to relate that chunk with others can offer us the insight of when to use that chunk and when not to.

##Illusions of Competence Usually, when one has the solution in front of them, it's very easy to fool ones self in thinking that, "duh, I would have done the same, its easy, I understand, I can do it." That comes under illusions of competence, that one is thinking they are competent while reality is otherwise.

Recall and deliberate testing on the other hand can help the understanding. You must have heard that, chewing and unusual flavour gum while practicing the material and then chewing the same gum while doing test can help you recall, now that is a subliminal hint and your are not actually gaining the mastery of topic. Instead after practicing, recalling outside usually study environment can become independent for environment. Self testing provided chance to see ones on mistakes, and correct them bit by bit.

===== Notes by Muhammad Usman Akram


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usmanakram232 Oct 24, 2014

OMG 👎 , my writing is so incoherent, even I don't understand what I actually want to say.


usmanakram232 commented Oct 24, 2014

OMG 👎 , my writing is so incoherent, even I don't understand what I actually want to say.

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