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Created April 11, 2018 17:34
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Create SET-based data for MySQL testing
import random
import time
import string
from threading import Thread
from mysql.utilities.common import (database, options, server, table)
from subprocess import call
from contextlib import contextmanager
server_host = ''
server_port = '3306'
server_user = 'sbuser'
server_password = 'sbpass'
server_connection = "%s:%s@%s:%s" % (server_user, server_password,
server_host, server_port)
skills = ['actor', 'singer', 'dancer',
'actor,singer', 'actor,dancer',
'singer,actor', 'singer,dancer',
'dancer,actor', 'dancer,singer',
'actor,singer,dancer', 'singer,dancer,actor', 'dancer,actor,singer', 'dancer,singer,actor']
class Movie(object):
def __init__(self,
self.server = server
self.database = database
def movie_db(self):
""" Connect and return the connection to MySQL """
return self.connect_db(self.database)
def connect_db(self, db_name):
""" Method to connect to MySQL """
db_options = {u'skip_grants': True}
return database.Database(self.server, db_name, db_options)
def rnd_user(self):
query = u"INSERT INTO sbtest.settest (name, skills) VALUES ('%(name)s','%(skill)s');"
f_name = self.genstring(3,9)
s = random.randint(0,12)
print query % {u'name': f_name, u'skill': skills[s]}
#t=Thread(target=self.server.exec_query, args=(query % {u'email': email, u'first_name': f_name, u'last_name': l_name},))
def genstring(self,lim_down=3,lim_up=9):
alpha = random.randint(lim_down,lim_up)
vowels = ['a','e','i','o','u']
consonants = [a for a in string.ascii_lowercase if a not in vowels]
####utility functions
def a_part(slen):
ret = ''
for i in range(slen):
if i%2 ==0:
randid = random.randint(0,20) #number of consonants
ret += consonants[randid]
randid = random.randint(0,4) #number of vowels
ret += vowels[randid]
return ret
def n_part(slen):
ret = ''
for i in range(slen):
randid = random.randint(0,9) #number of digits
ret += digits[randid]
return ret
fpl = alpha/2
if alpha % 2 :
fpl = int(alpha/2) + 1
lpl = alpha - fpl
start = a_part(fpl)
end = a_part(lpl)
return "%s%s" % (start.capitalize(),end)
def main():
while True:
movie = Movie( server.get_server(u'localhost', server_connection, False))
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