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Parses PII data from given Word/Excel document and returns the first few characters of data. Regex values can be changed to catch different data.
Authors: @utkusen, gozdesinturk
Long description
Get-PII.ps1 "C:\Path\To\File.docx"
Get-PII.ps1 "C:\Path\to\File.xlsx"
#Utku Sen
#Divides given string with given block sizes. Might be good for string obfuscation for AV bypass purposes.
#Example:string_divider("[System.Net.ServicePointManager]::ServerCertificateValidationCallback = {$true}",4)
#Output:""+"[Sys"+"tem."+"Net."+"Serv"+"iceP"+"oint"+"Mana"+"ger]"+"::Se"+"rver"+"Cert"+"ific"+"ateV"+"alid"+"atio"+"nCal"+"lbac"+"k = "+"{$tr"+"rue}"+"
def string_divider(string,block_size):
a = ''
str_dict = [ o for o in string ]
parts = [ ''.join( str_dict[ (j * block_size) : ( ( j + 1 ) * block_size ) ] ) for j in xrange(len(string)/block_size )]
""" Sabotager
Fills given coordinate range randomly with random colors
Written by: Utku Sen /
import requests
import json
from random import randint
import time