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In SwiftUI with "hot reloading" a view can be previewed alongside editing code. The preview device(s) can be controlled by providing the device name in the PreviewProvider confirming struct. This is the list of all the device names.
/// Source:
/// The above document lacks updates (at the time of writing this code)
/// Some additional devices have been added in this lis
// Please, feel free to fork/comment/contribute:
/// 7th revision: with suggestion from @jayrhynas (twitter)
import SwiftUI
private enum PreviewDeviceName {
static let mac = "Mac"
static let iPhone6s = "iPhone 6s"
static let iPhone6sPlus = "iPhone 6s Plus"
static let iPhone7 = "iPhone 7"
static let iPhone7Plus = "iPhone 7 Plus"
static let iPhone8 = "iPhone 8"
static let iPhone8Plus = "iPhone 8 Plus"
static let iPhoneSE = "iPhone SE (1st generation)"
static let iPhoneSE2 = "iPhone SE (2nd generation)"
static let iPhoneX = "iPhone X"
static let iPhoneXs = "iPhone Xs"
static let iPhoneXsMax = "iPhone Xs Max"
static let iPhoneXʀ = "iPhone Xʀ"
static let iPhone11 = "iPhone 11"
static let iPhone11Pro = "iPhone 11 Pro"
static let iPhone11ProMax = "iPhone 11 Pro Max"
static let iPadMini_2 = "iPad mini 2"
static let iPadMini_3 = "iPad mini 3"
static let iPadMini_4 = "iPad mini 4"
static let iPadMini_5thGen = "iPad mini (5th generation)"
static let iPadAir = "iPad Air"
static let iPadAir_2 = "iPad Air 2"
static let iPadAir_3rdGen = "iPad Air (3rd generation)"
static let iPadRetina = "iPad Retina"
static let iPad_5thGen = "iPad (5th generation)"
static let iPad_6thGen = "iPad (6th generation)"
static let iPad_7thGen = "iPad (7th generation)"
static let iPadPro_9_7 = "iPad Pro (9.7-inch)"
static let iPadPro_10_5 = "iPad Pro (10.5-inch)"
static let iPadPro_11 = "iPad Pro (11-inch)"
static let iPadPro_11_2ndGen = "iPad Pro (11-inch) (2nd generation)"
static let iPadPro_12_9 = "iPad Pro (12.9-inch)"
static let iPadPro_12_9_2ndGen = "iPad Pro (12.9-inch) (2nd generation)"
static let iPadPro_12_9_3rdGen = "iPad Pro (12.9-inch) (3rd generation)"
static let iPadPro_12_9_4thGen = "iPad Pro (12.9-inch) (4th generation)"
static let appleTV = "Apple TV"
static let appleTV4K = "Apple TV 4K"
static let appleTV4K_1080p = "Apple TV 4K (at 1080p)"
static let appleWatch_38 = "Apple Watch - 38mm"
static let appleWatch_42 = "Apple Watch - 42mm"
static let appleWatch2_38 = "Apple Watch Series 2 - 38mm"
static let appleWatch2_42 = "Apple Watch Series 2 - 42mm"
static let appleWatch3_38 = "Apple Watch Series 3 - 38mm"
static let appleWatch3_42 = "Apple Watch Series 3 - 42mm"
static let appleWatch4_40 = "Apple Watch Series 4 - 40mm"
static let appleWatch4_44 = "Apple Watch Series 4 - 44mm"
static let appleWatch5_40 = "Apple Watch Series 5 - 40mm"
static let appleWatch5_44 = "Apple Watch Series 5 - 44mm"
extension PreviewDevice {
static let mac = PreviewDevice(rawValue: PreviewDeviceName.mac)
static let iPhone6s = PreviewDevice(rawValue: PreviewDeviceName.iPhone6s)
static let iPhone6sPlus = PreviewDevice(rawValue: PreviewDeviceName.iPhone6sPlus)
static let iPhone7 = PreviewDevice(rawValue: PreviewDeviceName.iPhone7)
static let iPhone7Plus = PreviewDevice(rawValue: PreviewDeviceName.iPhone7Plus)
static let iPhone8 = PreviewDevice(rawValue: PreviewDeviceName.iPhone8)
static let iPhone8Plus = PreviewDevice(rawValue: PreviewDeviceName.iPhone8Plus)
static let iPhoneSE = PreviewDevice(rawValue: PreviewDeviceName.iPhoneSE)
static let iPhoneSE2 = PreviewDevice(rawValue: PreviewDeviceName.iPhoneSE2)
static let iPhoneX = PreviewDevice(rawValue: PreviewDeviceName.iPhoneX)
static let iPhoneXs = PreviewDevice(rawValue: PreviewDeviceName.iPhoneXs)
static let iPhoneXsMax = PreviewDevice(rawValue: PreviewDeviceName.iPhoneXsMax)
static let iPhoneXʀ = PreviewDevice(rawValue: PreviewDeviceName.iPhoneXʀ)
static let iPhone11 = PreviewDevice(rawValue: PreviewDeviceName.iPhone11)
static let iPhone11Pro = PreviewDevice(rawValue: PreviewDeviceName.iPhone11Pro)
static let iPhone11ProMax = PreviewDevice(rawValue: PreviewDeviceName.iPhone11ProMax)
static let iPadMini_2 = PreviewDevice(rawValue: PreviewDeviceName.iPadMini_2)
static let iPadMini_3 = PreviewDevice(rawValue: PreviewDeviceName.iPadMini_3)
static let iPadMini_4 = PreviewDevice(rawValue: PreviewDeviceName.iPadMini_4)
static let iPadMini_5thGen = PreviewDevice(rawValue: PreviewDeviceName.iPadMini_5thGen)
static let iPadAir = PreviewDevice(rawValue: PreviewDeviceName.iPadAir)
static let iPadAir_2 = PreviewDevice(rawValue: PreviewDeviceName.iPadAir_2)
static let iPadAir_3rdGen = PreviewDevice(rawValue: PreviewDeviceName.iPadAir_3rdGen)
static let iPadRetina = PreviewDevice(rawValue: PreviewDeviceName.iPadRetina)
static let iPad_5thGen = PreviewDevice(rawValue: PreviewDeviceName.iPad_5thGen)
static let iPad_6thGen = PreviewDevice(rawValue: PreviewDeviceName.iPad_6thGen)
static let iPad_7thGen = PreviewDevice(rawValue: PreviewDeviceName.iPad_7thGen)
static let iPadPro_9_7 = PreviewDevice(rawValue: PreviewDeviceName.iPadPro_9_7)
static let iPadPro_10_5 = PreviewDevice(rawValue: PreviewDeviceName.iPadPro_10_5)
static let iPadPro_11 = PreviewDevice(rawValue: PreviewDeviceName.iPadPro_11)
static let iPadPro_11_2ndGen = PreviewDevice(rawValue: PreviewDeviceName.iPadPro_11_2ndGen)
static let iPadPro_12_9 = PreviewDevice(rawValue: PreviewDeviceName.iPadPro_12_9)
static let iPadPro_12_9_2ndGen = PreviewDevice(rawValue: PreviewDeviceName.iPadPro_12_9_2ndGen)
static let iPadPro_12_9_3rdGen = PreviewDevice(rawValue: PreviewDeviceName.iPadPro_12_9_3rdGen)
static let iPadPro_12_9_4thGen = PreviewDevice(rawValue: PreviewDeviceName.iPadPro_12_9_4thGen)
static let appleTV = PreviewDevice(rawValue: PreviewDeviceName.appleTV)
static let appleTV4K = PreviewDevice(rawValue: PreviewDeviceName.appleTV4K)
static let appleTV4K_1080p = PreviewDevice(rawValue: PreviewDeviceName.appleTV4K_1080p)
static let appleWatch_38 = PreviewDevice(rawValue: PreviewDeviceName.appleWatch_38)
static let appleWatch_42 = PreviewDevice(rawValue: PreviewDeviceName.appleWatch_42)
static let appleWatch2_38 = PreviewDevice(rawValue: PreviewDeviceName.appleWatch2_38)
static let appleWatch2_42 = PreviewDevice(rawValue: PreviewDeviceName.appleWatch2_42)
static let appleWatch3_38 = PreviewDevice(rawValue: PreviewDeviceName.appleWatch3_38)
static let appleWatch3_42 = PreviewDevice(rawValue: PreviewDeviceName.appleWatch3_42)
static let appleWatch4_40 = PreviewDevice(rawValue: PreviewDeviceName.appleWatch4_40)
static let appleWatch4_44 = PreviewDevice(rawValue: PreviewDeviceName.appleWatch4_44)
static let appleWatch5_40 = PreviewDevice(rawValue: PreviewDeviceName.appleWatch5_40)
static let appleWatch5_44 = PreviewDevice(rawValue: PreviewDeviceName.appleWatch5_44)
// Example Usage:
struct ContentView_Previews: PreviewProvider {
static var previews: some View {
Group {
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