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Created October 24, 2018 01:00
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// , Shows how to "conveniently" map AD groups to Vault Policies.
super-duper-vault-train $ls
LICENSE initpayload.json instance7_consul_http_token.txt instance7_vault_consul_http_token.txt
Vagrantfile playbooks provision_consul provision_vault
super-duper-vault-train $cd provision_vault/
provision_vault $ls data_production_gap scripts
data data_sandbox_gap
provision_vault $cd scripts/
scripts $ls secrets_consumer_of_buyplan.hcl secrets_consumer_of_new_relic_agent.hcl secrets_consumer_of_sriramapp.hcl secrets_owner_of_buyplan.hcl secrets_owner_of_new_relic_agent.hcl secrets_owner_of_sriramapp.hcl ssantha_ldap_vault_login_example.txt testaccess.hcl
scripts $./ldapgrouper
-bash: ./ldapgrouper: No such file or directory
scripts $./
Usage: (--ldap_group <group> | --ldap_user <user>) --vault_policy <policy> [<MOUNT_POINT>] --list (-h | --help)
scripts $./ --ldap_group MY-AD-GROUP --vault_policy admin
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