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Docker Commit Test
docker build -t vscripter/alpine-ssh:v1 .
docker push vscripter/alpine-ssh:v1
# ran a few commands and then jumped out and left the container running
docker run -it --name alpine-v2 vscripter/alpine-ssh:v1
# added elinks just to test
docker exec -it alpine-v2 apk add elinks
docker commit alpine-v2 vscripter/alpine-ssh:v2
docker push vscripter/alpine-ssh:v2
# cleaned out images to test a fresh pull
docker rmi vscripter/alpine-ssh:v1
docker rmi vscripter/alpine-ssh:v2
docker pull vscripter/alpine-ssh:v2
# verified that elinks was still there
docker run vscripter/alpine-ssh:v2 apk info
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