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vScripter / HTML_Server_Disk_Space_Report.ps1
Last active Dec 22, 2015
HTML PowerShell Server Disk Space Report
View HTML_Server_Disk_Space_Report.ps1
HTML Server Disk Usage Report Script
Kevin Kirkpatrick
Created 7/31/2013
This report, as currently written, is meant to create and save the HTML report in a location of your Choosing.
If attaching the HTML report is desired, edit the EMail settings attachemtn location variable and go to the
bottom of the script and un-comment the attachment options.
vScripter / Invoke-LocalAdminAudit.ps1
Created Apr 9, 2014
Get Members of the local Administrators group on Selected Computers/Servers
View Invoke-LocalAdminAudit.ps1
param (
[parameter(mandatory = $true)]
$results = @()
vScripter / Get-ProcessorInventory.ps1
Created Apr 16, 2014
Returns information about the Processor via WMI
View Get-ProcessorInventory.ps1
Returns information about the Processor via WMI.
Information about the processor is returned using the Win32_Processor WMI class.
You can provide a single computer/server name or supply an array/list.
.PARAMETER Computers
vScripter / Invoke-CPUStressTest.ps1
Created May 6, 2014
Saturate selected or all CPU cores for utilization stress testing, etc.
View Invoke-CPUStressTest.ps1
$Log = "C:\CPUStressTest.ps1.log"
$StartDate = Get-Date
Write-Output "============= CPU Stress Test Started: $StartDate =============" >> $Log
Write-Output "Started By: $env:username" >> $Log
vScripter / Get-NetStat.ps1
Last active Sep 22, 2016
Get-NetStat PowerShell Function
View Get-NetStat.ps1
function Get-NetStat
This function will get the output of netstat -n and parse the output
This function will get the output of netstat -n and parse the output.
Credit goes to PowerShell MVP Francois-Xavier Cat, who wrote the orignial function to parse the output of netstat.exe -n.
vScripter / Get-WinProductKey.ps1
Last active Dec 21, 2017
Return windows product key
View Get-WinProductKey.ps1
function Get-WinProductKey {
$value = (get-itemproperty "HKLM:\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion").digitalproductid[0x34..0x42]
$ProductKey = ""
for ($i = 24; $i -ge 0; $i--) {
$r = 0
for ($j = 14; $j -ge 0; $j--) {
$r = ($r * 256) -bxor $value[$j]
$value[$j] = [math]::Floor([double]($r/24))
$r = $r % 24
vScripter / xGet-DiskSpace.ps1
Created Dec 20, 2014
PS Custom Object Example
View xGet-DiskSpace.ps1
[cmdletbinding(PositionalBinding = $true,
DefaultParameterSetName = "Default")]
param (
[parameter(mandatory = $false,
ValueFromPipeline = $true,
ValueFromPipelineByPropertyName = $true,
Position = 0)]
[alias('Comp', 'Name', 'DNSHostName')]
[string[]]$ComputerName = 'localhost'
vScripter / Add-PowerCLI.ps1
Last active Aug 29, 2015
PowerCLI PSSnapins
View Add-PowerCLI.ps1
Load appropriate PowerCLI PSSnapins. These are based on PowerCLI 5.8 R1.
try {
vScripter / Get-VMToolsB2VMapping.ps1
Created Jan 28, 2015
Get VMware Tools Build-to-Version correlations, directly from VMware using Invoke-RestMethod
View Get-VMToolsB2VMapping.ps1
A more complete function can be found in my PowerCLI 'prod' repo at:
Invoke-RestMethod -Method Get -Uri ''
vScripter / Delete-RemoteProfile.ps1
Last active Oct 5, 2016
Remove Windows profile from computer using WMI
View Delete-RemoteProfile.ps1
(Get-WMIObject -ComputerName $computer -Class win32_UserProfile -Filter "SID = $SID").delete()
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