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Last active May 27, 2023 10:25
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Vadim's Mudlet fun list

Short term:

  • redo windows desktop setup process
  • Add Mudlet intro tutorial
  • animation for mudlet (like rainforestqa) from fiverr
  • write post on bounty learnings
  • check out opencollective as a funds store
  • 3D mapper improvements with chatgpt / cody

Revamp testing strategy:

  • complete Busted-based CI tests
  • get more people on PTBs, ~30 on Windows
  • sticky post about PTBs in forums
  • gameify / rewards for PTB users: levels for having, bonus points for verified issues
  • raise prestige of PTBers
  • give clear checklists to testers on what's changed in the new release to test against and have them check off individual items
  • levels for merged PRs for committers

Long term:

  • add clang-tidy and clazy nightly analysis
  • re-enable coverity
  • Game admins page on
  • Mudlet legal organisation
  • Public mudlet stats
  • make icons for packages without icons in package manager smaller
  • improve icons for mudlet-installed packages
  • decrease vertical space should no installed packages have a descsription
  • summary of Mudlet improvements since 3.0
  • update macOS compile instructions
  • add JSON support to generic mapper
  • remove unprintable character
  • port release infrastructure improvements back to development
  • Turn userstudy feedback into tickets for discussion
  • Code signing in open source post
  • 'why' vision
  • Fix Linux PTBs deleting themselves on upgrade
  • option to not run disabled scripts, most intuitive, use it for new profiles
  • EMCO - docs, video for a beginner, possibly as another package on top
  • explore ways to make per-pr builds of package repo
  • explore ways to drive costs down of hosting (current $30USD/mo)
  • tracks ("projects") for various aspects of Mudlet - manual/wiki, internal code, website, a11y, steam store, mobile, UX, aesthetics, package creation experience, mapper, mudlet customisation experience, CI pipelines
  • macOS notarization
  • add command-line configuration system (take from svo)
  • add all UIs we know of from games to be auto-tested for release
  • Clang tidy local instructions for qt creator, clion
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