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Created Jun 9, 2012
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python timeout decorator
import threading
import functools
import logging
def timeout(duration, default=None):
def decorator(func):
class InterruptableThread(threading.Thread):
def __init__(self, args, kwargs):
self.args = args
self.kwargs = kwargs
self.result = default
self.daemon = True
def run(self):
self.result = func(*self.args, **self.kwargs)
except Exception:
def wrap(*args, **kwargs):
it = InterruptableThread(args, kwargs)
if it.isAlive():
logging.warning('timeout in function {0}: args: {1}, kwargs: {2}'.format(func, args, kwargs))
return it.result
return wrap
return decorator
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bitranox commented May 4, 2019

this does not work really - threads can not be interrupted.
The thread continues to run in the Background, wasting Memory and CPU, blocking probably other devices (Network, etc ...)
You need to use a process for that, check out :
Yours sincerely

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