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Created July 5, 2017 21:24
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Creates or update a GitHub release for the given tag name
#!/usr/bin/env ruby
require 'optparse'
require 'octokit'
options = {} do |opt|
opt.on('-s', '--secret SECRET', 'GitHub access token') { |o| options[:secret] = o }
opt.on('-r', '--repo-slug REPO_SLUG', 'Repo slug. i.e.: apple/swift') { |o| options[:repo_slug] = o }
opt.on('-c', '--changelog-file CHANGELOG_FILE', 'Changelog path') { |o| options[:changelog_file] = o }
opt.on('-t', '--tag TAG', 'Tag name') { |o| options[:tag_name] = o }
raise OptionParser::MissingArgument if options[:secret].nil?
raise OptionParser::MissingArgument if options[:repo_slug].nil?
raise OptionParser::MissingArgument if options[:changelog_file].nil?
raise OptionParser::MissingArgument if options[:tag_name].nil?
client = => options[:secret])
user = client.user
unless client.scopes.include? 'public_repo' or client.scopes.include? 'repo'
raise Error, "Insufficient permissions. Make sure your token contains the repo or public_repo scope."
puts "Logged in as #{}"
puts "Deploying to repo: #{options[:repo_slug]}"
tag_matched = false
release_url = nil
releases = client.releases(options[:repo_slug])
body =[:changelog_file], "rb").read
releases.each do |release|
if release.tag_name == options[:tag_name]
release_url = release.rels[:self].href
tag_matched = true
# if tag has been pushed directly to git, create a github release
if tag_matched == false
client.create_release(options[:repo_slug], options[:tag_name], { :name => options[:tag_name], :body => body })
client.update_release(release_url, { :name => options[:tag_name], :body => body })
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felixjb commented Aug 19, 2019

Hi, how can I use this with travis-ci to deploy and create my release notes in GitHub?

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Hi @felixjb, I use it this way:


source ""
gem 'github_changelog_generator'

        - bundle install
        - bundle exec github_changelog_generator --max-issues 0 -t ${GITHUB_API_TOKEN} --between-tags ${TRAVIS_TAG}
      script: bundle exec github_release.rb -s ${GITHUB_API_TOKEN} -r ${TRAVIS_REPO_SLUG} -c -t ${TRAVIS_TAG}

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felixjb commented Aug 19, 2019

Is there a way to use it entirely on travis.yml? Because my project is in TypeScript

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I am not sure what you are asking. The Gemfile is needed to install github_changelog_generator that generates with release notes from commits between TRAVIS_TAG.

If you already have your changelog file, you can just call the script directly by replacing those parameters..

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Hi @valeriomazzeo
First of all: Many thanks for this script! I'm using it since a while to add a previously generated changelog to the release description, worked like a charm! But sadly since a few days it throws an error and I'm totally clueless, my ruby skills are near zero ;-)
Can you give me a hint on how to fix this?

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valeriomazzeo commented Jan 6, 2020

@hobbyquaker it looks like it could be an issue with that specific version of octokit and faraday.
I use bundler and in my Gemfile I don't install faraday manually.
Instead - I only install the latest version of gem 'octokit'.

In .travis.yml try replacing this:

- gem install octokit:4.14.0
- gem install faraday:0.15.4

with this:

- gem install octokit

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