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Installing xrdp


sudo apt install xrdp 
sudo adduser xrdp ssl-cert 
sudo systemctl restart xrdp


Install pacakge

sudo dnf install xrdp xorgxrdp

Configure firewall

sudo firewall-cmd --permanent --add-port=3389/tcp
sudo firewall-cmd --reload

Configure SELinux

sudo chcon --type=bin_t /usr/sbin/xrdp
sudo chcon --type=bin_t /usr/sbin/xrdp-sesman


# ...

# Allow anybody to start X:


Uncomment the lines for [Xorg]

; Session types

; Some session types such as Xorg, X11rdp and Xvnc start a display server.
; Startup command-line parameters for the display server are configured
; in sesman.ini. See and configure also sesman.ini.


cp /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc ~/.xsession

replace the last if -fi section with desktop startup command

Example full working config:

# File: ~/.xsession

# Copyright (C) xxxx

# Mandatorily source xinitrc-common, which is common code shared between the
# Xsession and xinitrc scripts which has been factored out to avoid duplication
. /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc-common

exec dbus-run-session -- startlxqt

Restart services

sudo systemctl restart xrdp
sudo systemctl restart xrdp-sesman


Install pacakge

yay -S xrdp xorgxrdp-git


# ...

# Allow anybody to start X:


# ...
# Leave the rest of the lines untouched


cp /etc/X11/xinit/xinitrc ~/.xinitrc


# ...

# !!! Remove several lines from "twm" to "xterm",
# !!! since we don't need them and they throw error if not removed

# Start Desktop Environment
exec dbus-run-session -- startplasma-x11

Enable + Restart services

systemctl enable xrdp
systemctl enable xrdp-sesman
systemctl restart xrdp
systemctl restart xrdp-sesman

More info:

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rajhlinux commented Jul 8, 2022

Thanks dude! This worked for me on my Arch Linux Plasma KDE.

I rather prefer XORGRDP as the backend for XRDP since the picture quality is vector based and hence it looks like the remote desktop is running on the local host machine.

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Aaaaaand bookmarked. Works great on KDE

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hzxie commented Dec 6, 2022

Native RDP has been supported by GNOME >= 42 (Ubuntu >= 22.04).
For detailed information, please refer to

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