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Created May 21, 2021 11:44
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7.0.0 (2021-05-21)

Bug Fixes

  • buttons: fixes btnRadioGroup emits value changes twice (7fd0f96), closes #5958
  • ci: fix latest & next builds 'Unknown ver 76 of Android' error (#5997) (b4c3046)
  • datepicker: add maxDate value handling in maxDateRanges logic (#6033) (a37d845)
  • datepicker: avoid mutating value in daterangepicker (#6035) (ca66023), closes #6034
  • datepicker: update the BsDatepicker's current time to the time at selection (bc188d6)
  • modal: fix the closure of modal when clicking of scrollbar in some browsers (6972d53)
  • modal: rollback on breaking function renaming (e6d61b9)
  • readme: update slack button (#6024) (40662ee)
  • tests: fix failed tests because of old HeadlessChrome ver. (#6020) (fb93e7d)
  • tests: fixed tests for carousel, custom steps, rating, timepicker, modals, typeahead, pagination components (#6100) (66777d9)


  • build: full lifecycle update before v7 (#6040) (e8822ac)
  • build: update Angular to 11 (#5883) (b5e2539)
  • datepicker: add param to prevent change to next month after first date pick in right calendar (#6058) (2c671b6)
  • datepicker: improve manual DateRange input (1d7adbd)
  • focus-trap: add focus trap module (#5634) (8bcc900)
  • modal: interception of closure for modal (09c5b42)

Performance Improvements

  • datepicker: lint files (3d81df5)
  • datepicker: unsubscribe open subscriptions on onDestroy hook (3e37cd7)
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