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What would you like to do?
Front End = User Interface = UI = Web Development
Web Developer = HTML/CSS/Javascript
Graphical User Interface = GUI
Web Developer
UI Developer
Web application
Database + Server + Browser
Database + Server + Services = Backend Developers = Java/C# .Net
Data + UI Code + Browser = Frontend Developers = HTML/CSS/Javascript
HTML = Hyper Text Markup Language
its a language which browser understands.
Styling of the page. This gives the spaces, colors, indentation, bold, fonts etc
Which runs logic and shows different things, animations, tabs etc
Windows Outlook
Configure Mailid
Receive Mails
Send Mails
Schedule Meetings
Microsoft Office Communicator
Source Code
Version Control
SVN = Subversion : Tortoise SVN
Checkout - first time getting the code from respository
Update - Getting the latest version from repository
Commit - Sending our changes to the repository
Revert - Delete all local changes
Diff - To check the difference between our version n server version
Git : command line / source tree
clone - to clone a repository from server to your local system
pull = update
commit = commit
push = commit & push to remote repository
TFS = Team Foundation Server
Inbuilt version control system for visual studio n microsoft projects.
Access Request
Go to their intranet website
Request for access of following softwares
Sublime Text - Install Sublime Text 3
Install sublime text 3
Install package manager
Copy the code for sublime text 3
Go to sublime text editor
click on view menu item and show console in the menu list
paste the code thats copied into the text box at the bottom of the screen
press enter
Press Ctlr+Shift+P
start typing install
you will see "Package Control: Install package"
click enter on that
enter plugin "emmet" in the text box
click enter to install it
you can see the progress at the bottom left corner of the screen.
Once installed, a new tab with description opens up. Just close it.
Developer tools
Every browser page can be checked using developer tools.
You can open this developer tools using F12 key or right click on the page and left click "inspect"
Elements tab - this shows the hierarchy of html structure.
Inline elements and block elements
Inline elements - the elements which take only the space they require - like span tag
Block elements - the elements which occupy the whole line even if they dont need it. like p, h1, div tags
Document Object Model
The tree structure of all HTML elements in a page is called DOM.
DOM Manipulation
RGB - 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F
Maximum #FFFFFF - White
Minimum #000000 - Black
Cascading Style Sheets
extension of the file is .css
file extension is .js
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