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Next Greater node in Linked List
# find next greater node and print it
# eg:
# Input: [2,1,5]
# Output: [5,5,0]
# Definition for singly-linked list.
from typing import List
# Definition for singly-linked list.
class ListNode:
def __init__(self, x):
self.val = x = None
class Solution:
def nextLargerNodes(self, head: ListNode) -> List[int]:
position = -1
stack, ans = [], [] # declaring empty lists
while head:
position += 1
# checking the top item of stack. Here -1 represents top most item
# and 1 represent the tuple's second item, i.e. value
while stack and stack[-1][1] < head.val:
index, value = stack.pop() # popping the top item of the stack
ans[index] = head.val # appending the value to our answer list
stack.append((position, head.val)) # adding a tuple to the stack
head =
return ans
if __name__ == "__main__":
a = ListNode(4)
b = ListNode(3)
c = ListNode(2)
d = ListNode(5) = b = c = d
x = Solution().nextLargerNodes(a)
for i in x:
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