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package main.dataStructures.sorting
fun main(args: Array<String>) {
var numSwaps = 0
var isSorted = false
val str = readLine()!!
val intList: ArrayList<Int> = ArrayList(str.split(" ").map { it.toInt() }) //1) read values and convert them to arraylist
var lastUnsorted = intList.size - 1 // 2) to keep the track of unsorted array
while (!isSorted) {
isSorted = true
for (i in 0 until lastUnsorted) {
if (intList[i] > intList[i + 1]) {
swapValues(intList, i, i + 1)
isSorted = false // 3) making this as false whenever the swap needs to be performed.
lastUnsorted--// 4) decreasing the count since one more element from right side is placed in sorted position
for(i in intList) {
fun swapValues(list: ArrayList<Int>, a: Int, b: Int) {
val temp = list[b]
list[b] = list[a]
list[a] = temp
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