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Victor Allen vamuigua

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vamuigua / AppServiceProvider.php
Created Jun 11, 2022 — forked from simonhamp/AppServiceProvider.php
A pageable Collection implementation for Laravel
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namespace App\Providers;
use Illuminate\Support\Collection;
use Illuminate\Pagination\LengthAwarePaginator;
class AppServiceProvider extends ServiceProvider
public function boot()
vamuigua / cd.yml
Created May 28, 2022 — forked from madsem/cd.yml
GitHub Workflows For: Laravel CI with Mysql 8 & Laravel Vapor Deployment
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name: Laravel Vapor CD
types: [ published, deleted ]
- master
runs-on: ubuntu-20.04
vamuigua /
Created May 25, 2022 — forked from stancl/
Deploy using GitHub actions and SSH to a VPS
set -e
npm run prod
git add .
(git commit -m "Build frontend assets for deployment to production") || true
(git push) || true
vamuigua /
Created Feb 23, 2022 — forked from vicgonvt/
Deployment Guide for Ubuntu Server from Scratch with Laravel
vamuigua / Configuration for Laravel Project on local
Last active May 31, 2022
Configuration for Laravel Project on local machine
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Configuration for Laravel Project on local machine

  1. Clone project
git clone <project-url>
  1. Move into project
vamuigua / interviewitems.MD
Created Aug 6, 2016 — forked from KWMalik/interviewitems.MD
My answers to over 100 Google interview questions
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##Google Interview Questions: Product Marketing Manager

  • Why do you want to join Google? -- Because I want to create tools for others to learn, for free. I didn't have a lot of money when growing up so I didn't get access to the same books, computers and resources that others had which caused money, I want to help ensure that others can learn on the same playing field regardless of their families wealth status or location.
  • What do you know about Google’s product and technology? -- A lot actually, I am a beta tester for numerous products, I use most of the Google tools such as: Search, Gmaill, Drive, Reader, Calendar, G+, YouTube, Web Master Tools, Keyword tools, Analytics etc.
  • If you are Product Manager for Google’s Adwords, how do you plan to market this?
  • What would you say during an AdWords or AdSense product seminar?
  • Who are Google’s competitors, and how does Google compete with them? -- Google competes on numerous fields: --- Search: Baidu, Bing, Duck Duck Go