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# should also try this one?
from transformers import BertTokenizer, BertModel
import logging
import time
#import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
import numpy as np
View i3.config
# This file has been auto-generated by i3-config-wizard(1).
# It will not be overwritten, so edit it as you like.
# Should you change your keyboard layout somewhen, delete
# this file and re-run i3-config-wizard(1).
# i3 config file (v4)
# Please see for a complete reference!
View energy_nl_cbs.r
# get data from
d = cbs_get_data("80030NED") %>% cbs_add_date_column() %>% cbs_add_label_columns() %>%
filter(CentraleDecentraleProductie_label=="Totaal centrale/decentrale productie") %>%
select(date=Perioden_Date, source=Energiedragers_label, elec=ElektriciteitMWh_2)
# filter and translate energy sources
sources = c(coal="Steenkool", oil="Stookolie", gas="Aardgas", biomass="Biomassa", nuclear="Kernenergie", solar="Zonnestroom", wind="Windenergie", water="Waterkracht")
import re
import csv
import sys
from elasticsearch import Elasticsearch
from elasticsearch.helpers import scan
from collections import Counter
es = Elasticsearch("localhost:9201")
index = "amcat_vu"
View sulfuric acid
View sotu.R
x = read_csv("")
x = x %>% select(president, date, text)
t = readtext("/tmp/trump.txt") %>% mutate(doc_id=NULL, president = "Donald J. Trump", date=as.Date("2019-01-01"))
c = bind_rows(x, t)
View nytimes.r
# I will try to post a longer handout, but here is the needed code for accessing nytimes.
# See also:
# 1. Install the package from github:
# 2. Get an API key from nytimes
# - create an account at
View rvest.r
for (page in 1:10) {
url = str_c("", page)
urls = read_html(url) %>% rvest::html_nodes(".mh-item a") %>% html_attr("href")
View rvest_mini_demo.R
# See also:
# install.packages("rvest")
url = ""
s = read_html(url)
headers = s %>% html_nodes("h2")
hist = headers[headers %>% html_text == "Education"]
text = hist %>% html_nodes(xpath="following-sibling::p") %>% html_text
View peerfeedback.r
# helder function that gets a query, does pagination, but doesn't process
get_raw = function (endpoint, args = NULL, method = "GET") {
endpoint = paste(endpoint, collapse = "/")
if (!grepl("^https?://", endpoint))
endpoint = paste0(rcanvas:::canvas_url(), endpoint)
resp <- rcanvas:::canvas_query(endpoint, args, "GET")
rcanvas:::paginate(resp) %>% purrr::map(httr::content, "text") %>%
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