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Find the most recent Ubuntu AMI using aws-cli (or any other AMI for that matter)
# Use AWS CLI to get the most recent version of an AMI that
# matches certain criteria. Has obvious uses. Made possible via
# --query, --output text, and the fact that RFC3339 datetime
# fields are easily sortable.
export AWS_DEFAULT_REGION=us-east-1
aws ec2 describe-images \
--filters Name=name,Values=ubuntu/images/hvm-ssd/ubuntu-trusty-14.04-amd64* \
--query 'Images[*].[ImageId,CreationDate]' --output text \
| sort -k2 -r \
| head -n1

arpat commented Sep 28, 2017


visokoo commented Oct 2, 2017

You're awesome, thank you!

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