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Facundo Bianco vando

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Created Jul 12, 2021
Install latest version of

Install Grocy 3.0.1 on Debian Buster

Install PHP 7.4

First of all, install/upgrade to PHP 7.4 that is required for Groocy 3.0.1

wget -qO - | apt-key add  -
echo "deb $(lsb_release -sc) main" > /etc/apt/source.list.d/php.list
apt update && apt -y install php7.4
vando /
Last active Feb 11, 2021
Upgrade HA to latest stable version in a virtualenv

Home Assistant in virtualenv: Install Python 3.9.1 on Raspberry OS

This short guide explains how to upgrade Home Assistant to latest stable version inside a Python virtual environment.

Home Assistant latest release v2021.2 requires Python >= 3.8 to run. The good news is that fully supports Python v3.9. In this guide will install Home Assistant v2021.2.3 (released on Feb 11).

First of all, you should install Python v3.9.1. There ain't a binary package so you will need to compile. Run as root

apt install --no-install-recommends -y build-essential tk-dev libncurses5-dev libncursesw5-dev \
vando / enhacer4yt.json
Created Feb 17, 2020
Backup "Enhacer for YouTube" Firefox addon
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Last active Dec 19, 2019
RetroPie in Odroid XU4
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Created Sep 20, 2018
Export all public GPG key in your keychain at once
for FNGP in `gpg --list-public-keys | sed -n '/^ /s/.* //p'`
gpg --export ${FNGP} >> /tmp/gpg-all-public-keys.asc

GPG: Un-revoke a revoked key (UID)

Edit your key

gpg --expert --edit-key

Select the user ID and re-sign it

View Dragon's Lair.cue
TRACK 01 MODE2/2352
INDEX 01 00:00:00
vando /
Created Jan 11, 2018
Burn CDI images (Dreamcast) in Debian
# Script from
# I just updated it for running into Debian 9.
if whereis -b cdirip | grep -vq /bin
echo "cdirip isn't installed, please run:"
echo ""
echo " wget -qO - | tar -zxvf - -C /tmp"
View Mario_Adventure_Manual.txt
Mario Adventure Simple Manual
How to Patch
Depending on the version of the SMB3 rom you have, you'll have to use a different patch.
Mario_Adventure_0.ips is for the SMB3 rom Super Mario Bros. 3 (PRG 0) U.nes rom file name.
Mario_Adventure_1.ips is for the SMB3 rom Super Mario Bros. 3 (PRG 1) U.nes rom file name.
They are not the same, so if one doesn't work, try the other, if that doesn't work, get a
vando /
Created Jul 28, 2017
Calibre: Fetch only recipes from git repository
mkdir calibre-recipes-git
cd calibre-recipes-git
git init
git remote add origin
git config core.sparsecheckout true
echo '*.recipe' > .git/info/sparse-checkout
git pull --depth=1 origin master