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Patrick Van Stee vanstee

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We expect this exercise to take about 1 hour to complete. You may choose any programming language, and you may use online references/documentation/etc just as you would in your normal programming. Assume that you are writing production-level code and be sure to include test cases.

Write a program to connect to a TCP server, running at, TCP port 7777. The server uses a raw, line-oriented text protocol: this is not an HTTP server.

For each list of words that the server sends, your program should send back only the words that are palindromes (words whose letters are the same in reverse order).

For example, if the server sends:

zittmttiz xfiyisggdt rzainiazr moqwyke
vanstee / better.ex
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Chaining Ecto queries using a default query param
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defmodule UserQueries do
def in_organization(query \\ User, organization) do
from u in query,
where: u.organization_id == ^
def in_patricks_family(query \\ User) do
from u in query,
where: u.last_name == ^"Van Stee"
vanstee / Makefile
Created May 28, 2015
Building frontend stuff with make
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# Base dirs
SRC_DIR = src
TMP_DIR = tmp
DEV_DIR = dev
vanstee / gist:82d6514e63010c7a2956
Last active Aug 29, 2015
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class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base
def params


UGtastic is a service that connects user-group organizers with sponsorship opportunities. We seek to faciliate reliable and respectful communications and access for companies looking to connect with user-group communities.

We need to at a minimum provide a way for potential supporters to register and select sponsorship opportunities that can distribute those funds across user-group Builders


  • Builder: User-Group organizer, community manager.
  • Supporter: Paid sponsor for User-Groups communities. Could be a recruiter, marketing person, or hiring manager.

Example singular request

curl -H "application/json"

  "user": {
    "name": "Patrick Van Stee",
    "email": ""

Known as the "Sticky Shotgun" approach. The tactical steps are:

  1. Give everyone a pad of stickies and marker.
  2. Take 5 minutes to write down whatever comes to mind from the release.
  3. Stick each sticky in correct "zone" on whiteboard. (Keep Doing. Less Of. More Of. Stop Doing. Start Doing.)
  4. Give a very quick explanation while adding it.
  5. Group the stickies in each zone into into affinity groups.
  6. Discuss each affinity group and try to identify what needs to be done to solve the issues; or what was done that makes them worth keeping.
  7. Vote on 2-3 most important issues so the team can prioritize/know what needs to be addressed first.
vanstee / import_confy.rb
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Import heroku env vars into confy
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require 'confyio'
CONFY_URL_REGEX = /https?:\/\/(?<org>.*):(?<password>.*)\/orgs\/(?<org>.*)\/projects\/(?<project>.*)\/envs\/(?<env>.*)\/config/
confy_url = %x[heroku config | grep CONFY_URL].chomp.split(' ', 2).last
if confy_url.empty?
puts "Your CONFY_URL hasn't been set yet. Run `heroku addons:add confy` and try again."
exit 1
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Booking.where('LOWER(duration) > ?', 10.weeks.ago).
group("DATE_TRUNC('week', LOWER(duration))").
pluck("DATE_TRUNC('week', LOWER(duration)) AS week, COUNT(DISTINCT(bookings.*))")
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