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Run golang tests programatically
package main
import (
func Test1(t *testing.T) {
if 1+2 != 3 {
func Test2(t *testing.T) {
if 3*3 == 9 {
t.Fail() // WHOOPS!
func Test3(t *testing.T) {
fmt.Println("Just wanted to print here")
func main() {
flag.Set("test.v", "true")
testing.Main(func(pat, str string) (bool, error) { return true, nil },
[]testing.InternalTest{{"Test1String", Test1}, {"Test2String", Test2}, {"Test3String", Test3}},

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@JimLynchCodes JimLynchCodes commented Oct 24, 2019

thanks! 👍

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