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Last active Feb 8, 2018
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#!/usr/bin/env python
from cli import cli
from cli import configure
from netmiko import ConnectHandler
This script should run on the GustShell, it requires netmiko to be installed. This will check the local acls, the peer
router ACls, compare the difference and generate a SysLog message in case they are out-of-sync.
#Users hardcoded in code as this is just an example script. In production you may want to use
#Some sort of Vault.
username = "superuser"
password = "superpass"
def get_remote_acls():
remote_acls = ""
#Specify the ip for the pair Router
device = { 'device_type': 'cisco_ios', 'ip':'', 'username': username,
'password': password}
net_connect = ConnectHandler(**device)
remote_acls = net_connect.send_command("show run | sec access-list")
return remote_acls
def acl_diff(local_acls,remote_acls):
lines = local_acls.splitlines()
lines = [line for line in lines if line.strip()]
local_acls = lines
lines = remote_acls.splitlines()
lines = [line for line in lines if line.strip()]
remote_acls = lines
if len(local_acls) > len(remote_acls):
diff = "ATTENTION. ACLs are not in Sync, local ACL has more entries than Peer."
elif len(remote_acls) > len(local_acls):
diff = "ATTENTION. ACLs are not in Sync, remote ACL has more entries than Peer."
diff = False
return diff
def log(message, severity):
cli('send log {} {}'.format(severity, message))
def reschedule(seconds, diff):
event manager applet ACL-SYNC-CHECK
event timer watchdog time %s
action 1.0 cli command "enable"
action 1.1 cli command "guestshell run /home/guestshell/
configure(UPDATE_SCRIPT_FIRING_COMMANDS % (seconds))
if diff:
def main():
local_acls = cli("show run | sec access-list")
remote_acls = get_remote_acls()
diff = acl_diff(local_acls, remote_acls)
#specify in seconds how long to wait between checks.
reschedule(1800, diff)
if __name__ == "__main__":
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