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Mouse Double Click event implementation for Silverlight and Caliburn.Micro
public static class DoubleClickEvent
public static readonly DependencyProperty AttachActionProperty =
typeof (string),
typeof (DoubleClickEvent),
new PropertyMetadata(OnAttachActionChanged));
public static void SetAttachAction(DependencyObject d, string attachText)
d.SetValue(AttachActionProperty, attachText);
public static string GetAttachAction(DependencyObject d)
return d.GetValue(AttachActionProperty) as string;
private static void OnAttachActionChanged(DependencyObject d, DependencyPropertyChangedEventArgs e)
if (e.NewValue == e.OldValue)
var text = e.NewValue as string;
if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(text))
AttachActionToTarget(text, d);
private static void AttachActionToTarget(string text, DependencyObject d)
var actionMessage = Parser.CreateMessage(d, text);
var trigger = new ConditionalEventTrigger
EventName = "MouseLeftButtonUp",
Condition = e => DoubleClickCatcher.IsDoubleClick(d, e)
public class ConditionalEventTrigger : EventTrigger
public Func<EventArgs, bool> Condition { get; set; }
protected override void OnEvent(EventArgs eventArgs)
if (Condition(eventArgs))
static class DoubleClickCatcher
private const int DoubleClickSpeed = 400;
private const int AllowedPositionDelta = 6;
static Point clickPosition;
private static DateTime lastClick = DateTime.Now;
private static bool firstClickDone;
internal static bool IsDoubleClick(object sender, EventArgs args)
var element = sender as UIElement;
var clickTime = DateTime.Now;
var e = args as MouseEventArgs;
if (e == null)
throw new ArgumentException("MouseEventArgs expected");
var span = clickTime - lastClick;
if (span.TotalMilliseconds > DoubleClickSpeed || firstClickDone == false)
clickPosition = e.GetPosition(element);
firstClickDone = true;
lastClick = DateTime.Now;
return false;
firstClickDone = false;
var position = e.GetPosition(element);
if (Math.Abs(clickPosition.X - position.X) < AllowedPositionDelta &&
Math.Abs(clickPosition.Y - position.Y) < AllowedPositionDelta)
return true;
return false;
// How to use it in a list box:
<TextBlock Text="{Binding Name}"

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vcaraulean Nov 18, 2010

A bit more detailed description and usage example are in my blog post


vcaraulean commented Nov 18, 2010

A bit more detailed description and usage example are in my blog post

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