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Vinney Cavallo vcavallo

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Last active Jan 8, 2017
Create a GitHub repo from the CLI (plus bash function)

Create GitHub repo without leaving the command line

curl -u 'USER' -d '{"name":"REPO"}'

Replace USER with your username and REPO with the intended repo name. Include all quotes above.

The do the usual:

git remote add origin
git push origin master
vcavallo / fork_you.markdown
Last active Dec 24, 2015
Forking how-to with descriptions
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essentially like cloning on github's servers - but that's inconsequential, mostly.. also: forks are not automatically up to date (relative to repo you forked)! your fork creates a snapshot of the original repo at the time you fork it.

  • fork on github

  • creates a clone on github servers

  • copy url of that clone

  • git clone [url]

    • clones the content of your fork to your local machine
vcavallo / cs
Created Sep 24, 2013
CS function for bash profile - `cs ~/directory` does `cd` to ~/directory and then immediately does `ls` there (well, a fancy ls...).
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# CS function
function cs () {
cd $1; ls "-lahG"

items in front of you

jar is an object in front of you. It is tall and from above looks like a circle.

a jar has stuff in it. there can be either peanut butter, which is brown in color, or jelly, which is purple in color. peanut butter jar and jelly jar. a jar has three parts - the inner stuff is one, and the outer stuff is in two pieces: the top and the bottom. you can see the division between the two parts. the bottom is the part that is facing down, the top is facing up.

bag of bread is an object in front of you. it has two parts - an outer container and an inner material. the bag is the container and what is inside in the bread. there are many nearly-identical items that are all bread. they are individually called slices. a slice of bread is an individual item.

knife is another object in front of you. it is the only remaining object. it is silver in color and has the shape of a wide line. there are two ends to it handle and blade. the handle is the thicker end. the blade

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