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Valentin Churavy vchuravy

  • Cambridge, MA, USA
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x = {[1:100]...}
function f1(X)
T = None
for x in X
T = promote_type(T,typeof(x))
return T
vchuravy / CMakeLists.txt
Last active Mar 9, 2018 — forked from SimonDanisch/gltest.c
OpenCL OpenGL interop test
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cmake_minimum_required (VERSION 2.6)
project (ogltest)
find_package(PkgConfig REQUIRED)
pkg_search_module(GLFW REQUIRED glfw3)
find_package(OpenGL REQUIRED)
vchuravy / debug_qjulia.log
Created Jun 17, 2014
Log of INTEL_DEBUG=aub,batch julia qjulia.jl
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INTEL_DEBUG=aub,batch julia qjulia.jl
INFO: loaded GLFW 3.0.4 X11 GLX glXGetProcAddress clock_gettime /dev/js shared from /home/wallnuss/.julia/v0.3/GLFW/deps/usr/lib/libglfw
intel_extensions.c:144: Batchbuffer flush with 132b (pkt) + 0b (state) = 132b (0.4%)
0x15208000: 0x7a000003: PIPE_CONTROL
0x15208004: 0x00100002: no write, cs stall, stall at scoreboard,
0x15208008: 0x00000000: destination address
0x1520800c: 0x00000000: immediate dword low
0x15208010: 0x00000000: immediate dword high
0x15208014: 0x7a000003: PIPE_CONTROL
0x15208018: 0x00004000: qword write,

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I hereby claim:

  • I am vchuravy on github.
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  • I have a public key whose fingerprint is 85F8 E5A2 466D 8BA8 5699 0E95 F1AE DCA6 54FC 59A3 To claim this, I am signing this object:
    "body": {
        "client": {
vchuravy / test_opencl_callbacks.jl
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Testing OpenCL callback integration
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using OpenCL; const cl = OpenCL
type Event
status :: Symbol
error_code :: Int
Event() = Event(:undefined)
Event(status :: Symbol) = new(status, 0)
device = first(cl.devices())
vchuravy /
Created Sep 8, 2012 — forked from zipizap/
Half Life 2, wine and optirun :)
function msg {
# Description:
# This function echoes-with-colors the arguments passed in
# Usage:
# msg 'whatever you want to print :)'
echo -e '\033[33m\033[44m'$@'\033[0m'