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Half Life 2, wine and optirun :)
function msg {
# Description:
# This function echoes-with-colors the arguments passed in
# Usage:
# msg 'whatever you want to print :)'
echo -e '\033[33m\033[44m'$@'\033[0m'
function wait_until_pid_finishes {
# Description:
# This function will block and wait untill the process with <pid> terminates
# Usage:
# wait_until_pid_finishes <pid>
while [ "$(kill -0 $_PID ; echo $?)" == "0" ]; do
sleep 5
if [ "$1" == "RECALLED_WITH_OPTIRUN" ]; then
#we are being run with optirun :)
msg "$0 starting"
msg "Starting up Launcher.exe through wine"
wine Launcher.exe
# breathing to let hl2.exe start-up...
sleep 5
HL2_PID=$(pidof hl2.exe)
msg "hl2.exe has PID=$HL2_PID"
#wait while hl2.exe is running, until it terminates
wait_until_pid_finishes $HL2_PID
msg "hl2.exe has terminated"
msg "$0 terminating"
exit 0
#This scripts needs to be called through optirun.
#In order to garantee it, we re-execute using optirun
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