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@vdaubry vdaubry/default.rb
Created Jan 22, 2016

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github-awards chef recipe
# Cookbook Name:: github-awards
# Recipe:: default
# Copyright 2016, YOUR_COMPANY_NAME
# All rights reserved - Do Not Redistribute
apt_repository "ruby" do
uri ""
distribution 'trusty'
components ['main']
key 'C3173AA6'
keyserver ''
execute 'apt-key-update' do
command 'sudo apt-key update'
execute 'apt-update' do
command 'sudo apt-get update'
apt_package "htop tmux"
apt_package "software-properties-common git"
apt_package "ruby2.2 ruby2.2-dev build-essential zlib1g-dev libpq-dev nodejs"
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