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Created May 22, 2017 17:31
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0.1.05 Changelog
Leveling Up & UI
- Double confirmation UI pattern (delet save file for an example)
- Unit abilities card shows ability description, and updates unit stats in preview mode
- After battle combat shows more information (still bugs & polish needed)
- You can actually choose a new skill when a unit levels up
- Unit cards now show stars for the units level
- Navigation icons show red circle withnumber when upgrades are available
In Game
- Performance imporvement for sounds (still a major bottleneck though)
- Object pool for common objects like shadows
- Iterating on health bars
- Iterating on archer fire
- Added blood pools, and rotate bodies on death
- Performance gains allow me to keep objects like rocks, bodies, arrows in ground for longer
- Iterating on unit selection UI
- Iterating on archer range UI
- Iyerating on Flee UI and make units wander when fleeing
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