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jQuery array to HTML table.


Jquery is required for this function.

The function above will turn and array into a html table with optional th, thead and tfoot elements. The returned data is a jquery object ready for appending or whatever you want to do.

It accepts a simple nested array as the first argument and an array of options as the second.


var data = [
	['Name', 'Age', 'Email],
	['John Doe', '27', ''],
	['Jane Doe', '29', '']

var table = arrayToTable(data, {
	thead: true,
	attrs: {class: 'table'}


Produces this:

<table class="table">
            <td>John Doe</td>
            <td>Jane Doe</td>


  • If you use this on a site wit untruested input you may want to change the .html() calls to .text() to the values will be escaped
var arrayToTable = function (data, options) {
"use strict";
var table = $('<table />'),
rows = [],
defaults = {
th: true, // should we use th elemenst for the first row
thead: false, //should we incldue a thead element with the first row
tfoot: false, // should we include a tfoot element with the last row
attrs: {} // attributes for the table element, can be used to
options = $.extend(defaults, options);
// loop through all the rows, we will deal with tfoot and thead later
for (i = 0; i < data.length; i = i + 1) {
row = $('<tr />');
for (j = 0; j < data[i].length; j = j + 1) {
if (i === 0 && {
row.append($('<th />').html(data[i][j]));
} else {
row.append($('<td />').html(data[i][j]));
// if we want a thead use shift to get it
if (options.thead) {
thead = rows.shift();
thead = $('<thead />').append(thead);
// if we want a tfoot then pop it off for later use
if (options.tfoot) {
tfoot = rows.pop();
// add all the rows
for (i = 0; i < rows.length; i = i + 1) {
// and finally add the footer if needed
if (options.tfoot) {
tfoot = $('<tfoot />').append(tfoot);
return table;

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commented Oct 30, 2017

['Name', 'Age', 'Email],

should be:
['Name', 'Age', 'Email'],

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