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TERRAFORM workshop 2


  1. take the code from the previous workshop ->
  2. install terraform 0.12 =>
  3. convert it to Terraform 0.12 by using the command terraform 0.12upgrade
  4. make sure it works (terraform plan, terraform apply and terraform destroy)
  5. spit into modules.
  6. manually go into the console, create a small VM and try to import it into the terraform state -> see
  7. destroy everything.
  8. << FIKA >>
  9. create a repo for the terraform code.
  10. setting up cloudbuild to trigger a build for that repo. 2 triggers: one for terraform plan on pull request, one for terraform apply on push to master
  11. create the infrastructure through the pipeline.

Create terraform container image

In cloud-shell:

git clone
cd cloud-builders-community/terraform
gcloud builds submit . --config=cloudbuild.yaml

Create trigger in cloudbuid

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