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Created October 8, 2020 10:52
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import { DocumentType, getModelForClass, prop as Property } from '@typegoose/typegoose';
import { getSchemaOptions } from 'src/util/typegoose';
import { Field as GqlField, ObjectType as GqlType } from 'type-graphql';
export class User {
@GqlField(_type => String)
readonly _id: string;
@GqlField(_type => String)
@Property({ required: true })
firstName: string;
@GqlField(_type => String, { nullable: true })
@Property({ required: false })
lastName: string;
@GqlField(_type => String)
@Property({ required: true })
password: string;
@GqlField(_type => String)
@Property({ required: true, unique: true })
email: string;
hashPassword(this: DocumentType<User>, _password: string) {
// logic to hash passwords
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