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$ newman run -h
Options - Additional args:
-h, --help output usage information
-v, --version output the version number
Basic setup:
--folder [folderName] Specify a single folder to run from a collection.
-e, --environment [file|URL] Specify a Postman environment as a JSON [file]
-d, --data [file] Specify a data file to use either json or csv
-g, --global [file] Specify a Postman globals file as JSON [file]
-n, --iteration-count [number] Define the number of iterations to run
Request options:
--delay-request [number] Specify a delay (in ms) between requests [number] --timeout-request [number] Specify a request timeout (in ms) for a request
--bail Stops the runner when a test case fails
--silent Disable terminal output --no-color Disable colored output
-k, --insecure Disable strict ssl
-x, --suppress-exit-code Continue running tests even after a failure, but exit with code=0
--ignore-redirects Disable automatic following of 3XX responses
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