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TMP_CSV_FILE=$(mktemp /tmp/dcos-config.XXXXXX.csv)
#dcos marathon app list --json | jq '.[] | if (.container.docker.image != null ) then .id + ",Docker Application," + .container.docker.image else .id + ",DCOS Service," + .labels.DCOS_PACKAGE_VERSION end' -r > $TMP_CSV_FILE
dcos marathon app list --json | jq '.[] | .id + if (.container.type == "DOCKER") then ",Docker Container," + .container.docker.image else ",Mesos Container," + if(.labels.DCOS_PACKAGE_VERSION !=null) then .labels.DCOS_PACKAGE_NAME+":"+.labels.DCOS_PACKAGE_VERSION else "[ CMD ]" end end' -r > $TMP_CSV_FILE
sed -i "s|^/||g" $TMP_CSV_FILE
sort -t "," -k2,2 -k3,3 -k1,1 $TMP_CSV_FILE > ${TMP_CSV_FILE_SORT}
printf '%.0s=' {1..150}
printf "\n %-5s%-35s%-23s%-40s%-20s\n" "No" "Application Name" "Container Type" "Docker Image" "Tag / Version"
printf '%.0s=' {1..150}
while IFS=, read -r app typ image;
tag=`echo $image | awk -F':' -v im="$image" '{tag=(im=="[ CMD ]")?"NA":($2=="")?"latest":$2; print tag}'`
image=`echo $image | awk -F':' '{print $1}'`
printf "\n %-5s%-35s%-23s%-40s%-20s" "$cnt" "$app" "$typ" "$image" "$tag"
cnt=$((cnt + 1))
sleep 0.3
printf "\n"
printf '%.0s=' {1..150}
printf "\n"
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