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Last active Jul 3, 2020
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$ python <movie-name>
Initializing Jaeger Tracer with UDP reporter
Using sampler ConstSampler(True)
opentracing.tracer initialized to <jaeger_client.tracer.Tracer object at 0x7f72ffa25b50>[app_name=booking]
Reporting span cfe1cc4b355aacd9:8d6da6e9161f32ac:cfe1cc4b355aacd9:1 booking.CheckCinema
Reporting span cfe1cc4b355aacd9:88d294b85345ac7b:cfe1cc4b355aacd9:1 booking.CheckShowtime
Ticket Details
Reporting span cfe1cc4b355aacd9:98cbfafca3aa0fe2:cfe1cc4b355aacd9:1 booking.BookShow
Reporting span cfe1cc4b355aacd9:cfe1cc4b355aacd9:0:1
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