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kubectl describe hpa autoscale-tester
Name: autoscale-tester
Namespace: autoscale-tester
Metrics: ( current / target )
resource memory on pods: 894188202666m / 500Mi
resource cpu on pods (as a percentage of request): 36% (361m) / 50%
Min replicas: 1
Max replicas: 10
Deployment pods: 3 current / 6 desired
Type Status Reason Message
---- ------ ------ -------
AbleToScale True SucceededRescale the HPA controller was able to update the target scale to 6
ScalingActive True ValidMetricFound the HPA was able to successfully calculate a replica count from memory resource
ScalingLimited False DesiredWithinRange the desired count is within the acceptable range
Type Reason Age From Message
---- ------ ---- ---- -------
Normal SuccessfulRescale 7s horizontal-pod-autoscaler New size: 6; reason: memory resource above target
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