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Last active Aug 29, 2015

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Meteor LDAPS Server
assert = Meteor.require 'assert'
ldap = Meteor.require 'ldapjs'
Future = Meteor.require 'fibers/future'
LDAP = {}
LDAP.cert = Assets.getText 'edir-wildcard.pem'
LDAP.searchOu = 'ou=XXX,o=XXXX'
LDAP.searchQuery = (user) -> filter: "(cn=#{user})", scope: 'sub'
LDAP.checkAccount = (options) ->
LDAP.client = ldap.createClient do
url: LDAP.url
tlsOptions: cert: LDAP.cert
options = options or {}
dn = []
future = new Future!
if options.password.length is 0 or
options.username.length is 0
future['return'] void
return void do
LDAP.searchQuery options.username
(err, search) ->
assert.ifError err
entry <- search.on 'searchEntry'
dn.push entry.objectName
LDAP.displayName = entry.object.displayName
err <- search.on 'error'
throw new Meteor.Error 500, "LDAP server error"
search.on 'end', ->
if dn.length == 0
future['return'] false
return false
err <- LDAP.client.bind dn[0], options.password
if err
future['return'] false
return false
err <- LDAP.client.unbind!
assert.ifError err
future['return'] !err
Accounts.registerLoginHandler 'ldap', (loginRequest) ->
if LDAP.checkAccount loginRequest
user = Meteor.users.findOne username: loginRequest.username
if user
userId = user._id
userId = Meteor.users.insert do
username: loginRequest.username
profile: name: LDAP.displayName
userId: userId
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