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Evan Chan velvia

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colestanfield / gist:fac042d3108b0c06e952
Created Aug 8, 2014
sbt-assembly merge strategy for aop.xml files
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// Create a new MergeStrategy for aop.xml files
val aopMerge: MergeStrategy = new MergeStrategy {
val name = "aopMerge"
import scala.xml._
import scala.xml.dtd._
def apply(tempDir: File, path: String, files: Seq[File]): Either[String, Seq[(File, String)]] = {
val dt = DocType("aspectj", PublicID("-//AspectJ//DTD//EN", ""), Nil)
val file = MergeStrategy.createMergeTarget(tempDir, path)
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import spray.routing._
import spray.http._
import spray.http.StatusCodes.Forbidden
// See
case class Origin(origin: String) extends HttpHeader {
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