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vemv/project.clj Secret

Created August 4, 2021 11:39
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(require '[clojure.string :as string])
(defn deep-merge
{:license "Copyright © 2019 James Reeves
Distributed under the Eclipse Public License either version 1.0 or (at your option) any later version."}
([a] a)
([a b]
(when (or a b)
(letfn [(merge-entry [m e]
(let [k (key e)
v' (val e)]
(if (contains? m k)
(assoc m k (let [v (get m k)]
(and (map? v) (map? v')) (deep-merge v v')
(and (coll? v) (coll? v')) (into (empty v)
(distinct (into v v')))
true (do
(assert (not (and v v')))
(or v v')))))
(assoc m k v'))))]
(->> b
(reduce merge-entry (or a {}))))))
([a b & more]
(reduce deep-merge (or a {}) (cons b more))))
(def repo-mapping (atom {}))
(def git-hosts (atom #{}))
(defn process-dep-entry! [{:keys [jars-atom subprojects-atom]}
[k {:keys [mvn/version sha exclusions git/url local/root]}]]
{:pre [@jars-atom @subprojects-atom]}
(when url
(let [{:keys [host path]} (-> url bean)
[gh-org gh-project] (-> path
(string/replace #"^/" "")
(string/replace #"\.git$" "")
(string/split #"/"))]
(swap! repo-mapping assoc k {:coordinates (symbol (str gh-org "/" gh-project))})
(swap! git-hosts conj host)))
(if-not root
[k (or version sha) :exclusions (->> exclusions
(mapv (fn [e]
(-> e str (string/replace #"\$.*" "") symbol))))]
(if (string/ends-with? root ".jar")
(swap! jars-atom conj root)
(let [f ( root "deps.edn")]
(assert (-> f .exists)
(str "Expected " root " to denote an existing deps.edn file"))
(swap! subprojects-atom conj (.getCanonicalPath f))))
(defn prefix [filename item]
(-> filename .getParent ( item) .getCanonicalPath))
(defn add-jars [m jars-atom sub? deps-edn-filename]
{:pre [@jars-atom]}
(cond-> m
(seq @jars-atom) (update :resource-paths (fn [v]
(cond->> @jars-atom
true (into (or v []))
sub? (mapv (partial prefix deps-edn-filename)))))))
(declare add-subprojects)
(defn process-profiles [aliases deps-edn-filename root-deps-edn-filename]
(->> (for [[k {:keys [override-deps extra-deps extra-paths replace-paths]}] aliases
:let [jars-atom (atom #{})
subprojects-atom (atom #{} :validator (fn [v]
(not (contains? v deps-edn-filename))))
sub? (not= deps-edn-filename root-deps-edn-filename)
sot (cond->> [[] extra-paths replace-paths]
true (reduce into)
true distinct
sub? (map (partial prefix deps-edn-filename))
true vec)]]
[k (-> {:dependencies (->> [override-deps extra-deps]
(keep (partial map (partial process-dep-entry! {:jars-atom jars-atom
:subprojects-atom subprojects-atom})))
(apply concat)
:source-paths sot
:test-paths sot}
(add-jars jars-atom sub? deps-edn-filename)
(add-subprojects subprojects-atom deps-edn-filename))])
(into {})))
(defn parse-deps-edn [deps-edn-filename root-deps-edn-filename]
(let [{:keys [aliases deps paths]} (clojure.edn/read-string (slurp deps-edn-filename))
profiles (process-profiles aliases deps-edn-filename root-deps-edn-filename)
jars-atom (atom #{})
subprojects-atom (atom #{}
:validator (fn [v]
(not (contains? v root-deps-edn-filename))))
dependencies (->> deps
(keep (partial process-dep-entry! {:jars-atom jars-atom
:subprojects-atom subprojects-atom}))
sub? (not= deps-edn-filename root-deps-edn-filename)
sot (cond->> paths
sub? (mapv (partial prefix deps-edn-filename)))]
(-> {:dependencies dependencies
:profiles (clojure.set/rename-keys profiles {:test-common :test})
:source-paths sot
:test-paths sot
:resource-paths (cond->> @jars-atom
sub? (map (partial prefix deps-edn-filename))
true vec)}
(add-subprojects subprojects-atom root-deps-edn-filename))))
;; XXX not sure of what the behavior is / should be for nested profiles
(defn add-subprojects [m subprojects-atom root-deps-edn-filename]
(->> @subprojects-atom
(reduce (fn [v subproject]
(deep-merge v
(parse-deps-edn subproject root-deps-edn-filename)))
;; XXX what about tasks? e.g. ncrw
(let [f (-> "deps.edn" .getCanonicalPath)
{:keys [profiles dependencies resource-paths source-paths]} (parse-deps-edn f f)]
(defproject _ "0.0.1"
:source-paths ~source-paths
:resource-paths ~resource-paths
:dependencies ~dependencies
:profiles ~profiles
:plugins [[reifyhealth/lein-git-down "0.4.0"]]
:middleware [lein-git-down.plugin/inject-properties]
:git-down ~(deref repo-mapping)
:repositories ~(->> @git-hosts
(map (fn [r]
(let [n (-> r (string/split #"\.") first)
u (str "git://" r)]
[[(str "public-" n) {:url u}]
[(str "private-" n) {:url u :protocol :ssh}]])))
(apply concat)
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