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verdammelt / raindrops-do.lisp
Last active Sep 27, 2015
raindrops implementation
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(defun convert (n &optional (cases '((3 . "Pling") (5 . "Plang") (7 . "Plong"))))
(let ((results
(do* ((cs cases (cdr cs))
(c (car cs) (car cs))
(result (list)))
((null cs) (reverse result))
(when (zerop (mod n (car c)))
(push (cdr c) result)))))
(if results
(apply #'concatenate 'string results)
verdammelt / gist:2417ee8be3802593d434
Last active Aug 29, 2015
beer song implemented (nearly) as a single FORMAT statement.
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(defun verse (start &optional (end start))
(format nil
No more bottles of beer on the wall, ~
no more bottles of beer.~%~
Go to the store and buy some more, ~
99 bottles of beer on the wall.~%~%~
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