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Name ConfirmImpact
Add-Content Medium
Clear-Content Medium
Clear-History Medium
Clear-Item Medium
Clear-ItemProperty Medium
Clear-Variable Medium
Connect-PSSession Medium
Copy-Item Medium
Copy-ItemProperty Medium
Debug-Job Medium
Debug-Process Medium
Debug-Runspace Medium
Disable-ExperimentalFeature Medium
Disable-PSBreakpoint Medium
Disable-PSRemoting Medium
Disconnect-PSSession Medium
Enable-ExperimentalFeature Medium
Enable-PSBreakpoint Medium
Enable-PSRemoting Medium
Enable-PSSessionConfiguration Medium
Export-Alias Medium
Export-Clixml Medium
Export-Csv Medium
Import-Alias Medium
Invoke-CimMethod Medium
Invoke-History Medium
Invoke-Item Medium
Move-Item Medium
Move-ItemProperty Medium
New-CimInstance Medium
New-FileCatalog Medium
New-Item Medium
New-ItemProperty Medium
New-Service Medium
Out-File Medium
Register-PSSessionConfiguration Medium
Remove-CimInstance Medium
Remove-CimSession Medium
Remove-Event Medium
Remove-Item Medium
Remove-ItemProperty Medium
Remove-Job Medium
Remove-Module Medium
Remove-PSBreakpoint Medium
Remove-PSDrive Medium
Remove-PSSession Medium
Remove-Service Medium
Remove-TypeData Medium
Remove-Variable Medium
Rename-Computer Medium
Rename-Item Medium
Rename-ItemProperty Medium
Restart-Computer Medium
Restart-Service Medium
Resume-Service Medium
Set-Acl Medium
Set-Alias Medium
Set-AuthenticodeSignature Medium
Set-CimInstance Medium
Set-Content Medium
Set-Date Medium
Set-ExecutionPolicy Medium
Set-Item Medium
Set-ItemProperty Medium
Set-PSSessionConfiguration Medium
Set-Service Medium
Set-TimeZone Medium
Set-Variable Medium
Start-Process Medium
Start-Service Medium
Start-Transcript Medium
Stop-Computer Medium
Stop-Job Medium
Stop-Process Medium
Stop-Service Medium
Suspend-Service Medium
Test-FileCatalog Medium
Unblock-File Medium
Unregister-Event Medium
Update-Help Medium
Disable-PSSessionConfiguration Low
ForEach-Object Low
New-Alias Low
New-ModuleManifest Low
New-PSDrive Low
New-TemporaryFile Low
New-Variable Low
Receive-PSSession Low
Unregister-PSSessionConfiguration Low
Update-FormatData Low
Update-TypeData Low
Add-History None
Add-Member None
Add-Type None
Compare-Object None
Connect-WSMan None
ConvertFrom-Csv None
ConvertFrom-Json None
ConvertFrom-Markdown None
ConvertFrom-SddlString None
ConvertFrom-SecureString None
ConvertFrom-StringData None
Convert-Path None
ConvertTo-Csv None
ConvertTo-Html None
ConvertTo-Json None
ConvertTo-SecureString None
ConvertTo-Xml None
Disable-RunspaceDebug None
Disable-WSManCredSSP None
Disconnect-WSMan None
Enable-RunspaceDebug None
Enable-WSManCredSSP None
Enter-PSHostProcess None
Enter-PSSession None
Exit-PSHostProcess None
Exit-PSSession None
Export-FormatData None
Export-ModuleMember None
Export-PSSession None
Format-Custom None
Format-Hex None
Format-List None
Format-Table None
Format-Wide None
Get-Acl None
Get-Alias None
Get-AuthenticodeSignature None
Get-ChildItem None
Get-CimAssociatedInstance None
Get-CimClass None
Get-CimInstance None
Get-CimSession None
Get-CmsMessage None
Get-Command None
Get-ComputerInfo None
Get-Content None
Get-Credential None
Get-Culture None
Get-Date None
Get-Event None
Get-EventSubscriber None
Get-ExecutionPolicy None
Get-ExperimentalFeature None
Get-FileHash None
Get-FormatData None
Get-Help None
Get-History None
Get-Host None
Get-Item None
Get-ItemProperty None
Get-ItemPropertyValue None
Get-Job None
Get-Location None
Get-MarkdownOption None
Get-Member None
Get-Module None
Get-PfxCertificate None
Get-Process None
Get-PSBreakpoint None
Get-PSCallStack None
Get-PSDrive None
Get-PSHostProcessInfo None
Get-PSProvider None
Get-PSReadLineKeyHandler None
Get-PSReadLineOption None
Get-PSSession None
Get-PSSessionCapability None
Get-PSSessionConfiguration None
Get-Random None
Get-Runspace None
Get-RunspaceDebug None
Get-Service None
Get-TimeZone None
Get-TraceSource None
Get-TypeData None
Get-UICulture None
Get-Unique None
Get-Uptime None
Get-Variable None
Get-Verb None
Get-WinEvent None
Get-WSManCredSSP None
Get-WSManInstance None
Group-Object None
Import-Clixml None
Import-Csv None
Import-LocalizedData None
Import-Module None
Import-PowerShellDataFile None
Import-PSSession None
Invoke-Command None
Invoke-Expression None
Invoke-RestMethod None
Invoke-WebRequest None
Invoke-WSManAction None
Join-Path None
Join-String None
Measure-Command None
Measure-Object None
New-CimSession None
New-CimSessionOption None
New-Event None
New-Guid None
New-Module None
New-Object None
New-PSRoleCapabilityFile None
New-PSSession None
New-PSSessionConfigurationFile None
New-PSSessionOption None
New-PSTransportOption None
New-TimeSpan None
New-WinEvent None
New-WSManInstance None
New-WSManSessionOption None
Out-Default None
Out-Host None
Out-Null None
Out-String None
Pop-Location None
Protect-CmsMessage None
Push-Location None
Read-Host None
Receive-Job None
Register-ArgumentCompleter None
Register-CimIndicationEvent None
Register-EngineEvent None
Register-ObjectEvent None
Remove-Alias None
Remove-PSReadLineKeyHandler None
Remove-WSManInstance None
Resolve-Path None
Save-Help None
Select-Object None
Select-String None
Select-Xml None
Send-MailMessage None
Set-Location None
Set-MarkdownOption None
Set-PSBreakpoint None
Set-PSDebug None
Set-PSReadLineKeyHandler None
Set-PSReadLineOption None
Set-StrictMode None
Set-TraceSource None
Set-WSManInstance None
Set-WSManQuickConfig None
Show-Markdown None
Sort-Object None
Split-Path None
Start-Job None
Start-Sleep None
Stop-Transcript None
Tee-Object None
Test-Connection None
Test-Json None
Test-ModuleManifest None
Test-Path None
Test-PSSessionConfigurationFile None
Test-WSMan None
Trace-Command None
Unprotect-CmsMessage None
Wait-Debugger None
Wait-Event None
Wait-Job None
Wait-Process None
Where-Object None
Write-Debug None
Write-Error None
Write-Host None
Write-Information None
Write-Output None
Write-Progress None
Write-Verbose None
Write-Warning None
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