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# Links to gists for creating a cluster with jx
jx console
jx create quickstart
jx create quickstart \
--filter golang-http \
--project-name jx-go \
open ""
ls -1 ~/.jx/draft/packs/
ls -1 ~/.jx/draft/packs/
open "$GH_USER/jx-go"
cd jx-go
ls -1
cat Makefile
cat Dockerfile
cat skaffold.yaml
ls -1 charts
ls -1 charts/jx-go
cat Jenkinsfile
open "$GH_USER/jx-go/settings/hooks"
jx console
jx get activities
jx get activities --filter jx-go --watch
jx get build logs
jx get build logs -f jx-go
jx get build logs $GH_USER/jx-go/master
jx get pipelines
jx get applications
jx get env
jx get applications --env staging
jx get applications --env production
open "$GH_USER/jx-go/releases"
ADDR=$(kubectl --namespace jx-staging \
get ingress jx-go \
-o jsonpath="{.spec.rules[0].host}")
curl "http://$ADDR"
hub delete -y \
hub delete -y \
hub delete -y $GH_USER/jx-go
rm -rf ~/.jx/environments/$GH_USER/environment-jx-rocks-*
cd ..
rm -rf jx-go
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