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Created October 16, 2014 13:18
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Mars Rover kata solution
package com.technologyconversations.kata.marsrover;
Method receiveCommands should be used to transmit commands to the rover.
public class Rover {
private Coordinates coordinates;
public void setCoordinates(Coordinates value) {
coordinates = value;
public Coordinates getCoordinates() {
return coordinates;
public Rover(Coordinates coordinatesValue) {
public void receiveCommands(String commands) throws Exception {
for (char command : commands.toCharArray()) {
if (!receiveSingleCommand(command)) {
public boolean receiveSingleCommand(char command) throws Exception {
switch(Character.toUpperCase(command)) {
case 'F':
return getCoordinates().moveForward();
case 'B':
return getCoordinates().moveBackward();
case 'L':
return true;
case 'R':
return true;
throw new Exception("Command " + command + " is unknown.");
public String getPosition() {
return getCoordinates().toString();
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