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jQuery(document).ready(function($) {
"use strict";
/* self-executing function */
( function($) {
/* this function is a workaround for an apparent Firefox bug
* where the default values are sometimes not being displayed
* the test form works Safari, Chrome, and Firefox Developer Edition.
function masterminds_maybe_set_default_radio_values() {
/* this code works with radio buttons. It can be modified to work
* with other field types
if ( ! $('input[id^="field_w3cfrm_post_content_type-"], input[id^="field_w3cfrm_post_content_format-"]').is(':checked') ) {
$('input[id="field_w3cfrm_post_content_type-0"]').prop("checked", true);
$('input[id="field_w3cfrm_post_content_format-0"]').prop("checked", true);
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